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Rebuild of Power Chucks & Cylinders:

EB Manufacturing is a leader in workholding tool assembly and the repair and rebuilding of chucks, lathe hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic actuators, collet chucks, and mandrels. When you make us your choice to repair your chuck, you can rest assured that our work will make your product look like new.

Chuck RepairWorkholding Tool Repair:

Once we disassemble your hardware, we further inspect it to assess the extent of workholding tool repair necessary to restore it to its optimal condition. We then provide you with a quote for the total cost of rebuild.

With our many years of experience in designing and building chucks, actuators and cylinders, we can recommend the most cost-efficient solution for your workholding needs.

Call us when you’re looking for workholding tool assembly or repair. We proudly serve clients nationwide with creation and repair of manufacturing products.