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Custom Chuck Jaw Set:

At EB Manufacturing we offer Custom Chuck Jaw Sets for a variety chucks.


Custom Rocker Chuck Jaw Set:

EB Manufacturing we offer jaws that can clamp multiple areas of a work piece with locating features for any type of power chuck.


Custom Shuttle Chuck Jaw Set:

EB Manufacturing Custom Shuttle Chuck Jaws product can clamp your workpiece and reposition it without having to releasing the workpiece. It allows your part to remain locked in place without requiring any adjustment, which contributes to the overall efficiency of your production process.


Custom Hard Chuck Jaw Set:

EB Manufacturing Hard Jaw workholding products are designed to clamp down your workpiece and mount on the power chuck. This allows for a quicker and more thorough production output, which means that you’ll be able to create more parts in less time.


Call today to discuss the benefits of a custom jaw set. We serve clients nationwide with a variety of custom workholding products.